Customer FAQs

*An Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) is how Equinix refers to its data centers. IBXs provide access to vital ecosystems where major networks, enterprises and business partners interconnect to each other and to more than 1,800+ available networks.

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If I am a Verizon customer with a pre-existing contract, will it be honored under its current terms or will we need a new contract with Equinix?  

I participated in Verizon’s reseller program. Does Equinix have a similar reseller program in which I can participate?  

If my contract with Verizon for colocation services has expired can I simply extend my current terms and pricing with Equinix?  

For current, Verizon GSA Schedule Customers and Federal Classified Customers not transferring at close

What are the specifics surrounding the transaction between Equinix and Verizon? When does it take effect? Are key personnel changes planned?  

What plans do Equinix and Verizon have for their GSA Schedule 70 contracts?  

Does Equinix have a facility clearance, and if so, at what level?  

Will I have a new point of contact at close?  

For current, unclassified Verizon Federal Customers transferring at close (Non-GSA)

Will my current contract and services stand with Equinix as my colocation provider?  

Who are my new points of contact?