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1901 Group

According to several studies, 80% of all enterprise workloads are processed within the walls of the enterprise. Similarly, 95% of all IT services are delivered in a labor hour or fixed price model. 1901 Group enterprise class managed services + Equinix IBX Data Centers are changing the way IT public and private sector organizations consume IT. Migrating applications to a secure, scalable, hybrid cloud environment while managing the hybrid cloud environment and the on-premise IT enterprise in a low risk, cost effective manner is the power of the 1901 Group + Equinix IBX partnership.

Simplifying Enterprise with IT-as-a-Service

1901 Group manages complex IT environments from a 24x7 FedRAMP-certified operations center. Our IT-as-a-Service model: 1- reduces IT management costs by 50%, 2- provides integrated situational awareness across geographic locations and IT services, and 3- coupled with Equinix IBX Data Centers, provides secure, scalable, hybrid cloud environments for mission critical workloads. 1901 Group has experience architecting and managing complex IT hybrid cloud environments.

Providing highly-secure managed services that enable organizations to transition to cloud solutions.

Points forts

  • Only FedRAMP certified Managed Enterprise IT service provider in the Federal sector.
  • Expertise in design, migration, and management of large scale enterprise IT environments (network, storage, compute, database, security operations) all in an “as-a-service” model for public, private, and hybrid operating environments.
  • In3Sight Service Monitor offre une solution de surveillance informatique intégrée, qui associe des outils d'analyse de données pour identifier rapidement les problèmes de performance et mettre en œuvre une résolution proactive, au sein du centre d'opérations de 1901 Group, qui fonctionne 24h/24 et 7j/7.
  • Cloud-based, Information Security Continuous Monitoring-as-a-Service (ISCM) achieves enterprise security compliance for assets, configuration, and vulnerability management. This service is also used to improve Federal Agency’s CAP ISCM compliance.


  • Deep knowledge in security operations, vulnerability management, VPN and firewall, SIEM and security posture assessments.
  • Customer portal provides holistic view of the enterprise across geographies, services, data centers, and public/private cloud environments.
  • Private cloud, storage-as-a-service (STaaS) and disaster recovery service that allow customers to securely connect to leading cloud service providers for compute while maintaining their storage in a FedRAMP private cloud.
  • Services available through GSA Alliant Small Business GS-06F-0630Z and GSA Schedule GS-35F-0617W

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