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TY10 Tokyo IBX® Data Center

Located in the Bunkyo district, TY10 is one of the many state-of-the-art Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX) data centers in Tokyo. It is next door to TY9, provides connectivity to a multitude of international and local carriers and offers low latency interconnection to Equinix TY4, the home of Equinix Cloud Exchange™ in Tokyo. TY10 is suitable for large-scale, high power-density deployments by cloud service providers and enterprise customers. TY10 is 25 minutes from Haneda Airport and occupies a steel-framed, reinforced-concrete building with advanced seismic isolation structure with four stories above ground level and one basement level.

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1-12-3, Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 112-0005

IBX Technical Specifications

Power Redundancy
Redondance de refroidissement
  • FISC Security Guidelines on Computer Systems for Banking and Related Financial Institutions
  • ISO 27001
  • Break Room
  • Loaner Tools
  • Work Kiosks
  • Conference Room
  • Crash Carts
  • Wifi

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