Datacentres de Tokyo

  • Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ connects you to cloud providers in Tokyo, Osaka and across Asia
  • City-wide virtual campus with low latency connection to rich network, cloud and financial ecosystems
  • Carrier-neutral data centers with direct access to key peering and internet exchanges

Des clients de toute taille nous font confiance

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Pourquoi choisir Tokyo

Une couverture mondiale

Our Tokyo data centers offer access to major internet and peering exchanges, including JPIX, JPNAP and BBIX, enabling low-latency and cost-effective interconnection. Furthermore, Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric provides connections to cloud providers in both Tokyo and Osaka, and across Asia. It is ideal for customers looking to build a distributed architecture for business continuity or to extend their service coverage.

Une interconnexion globale

Equinix Tokyo is the home of some of the largest and most diverse digital ecosystems in Asia, including Japan's largest financial exchanges, key FX participants, cloud & IT services providers as well as content & digital media companies. Our Tokyo data centers are connected by fiber, creating a city-wide virtual campus where you can make direct connections to 835+ companies, including potential customers and partners, to scale your business and create new opportunities.

Une intégration totale

The new Tokyo TY11 data center in Ariake, scheduled to open early 2019, will provide ample capacity for companies looking to join our vibrant ecosystems. We also offer an extensive portfolio of managed, consulting and professional services, to help you plan, implement, and integrate your IT operations, from your on-premise environment, to your colocation deployments and your cloud presence.


Connectez-vous à des écosystèmes métier dynamiques

Réseaux mondiaux


Prestataires de services cloud


Entreprises financières


Contenu & médias numériques


Certifications et normes

Nos datacentres de Tokyo sont certifiés conformes à des normes strictes en matière de gestion énergétique et environnementale.

Les certifications ci-contre peuvent ne pas être disponibles dans tous les centres IBX de cette zone métropolitaine. Pour obtenir la liste complète, rendez-vous sur la page Certifications. Pour obtenir la liste complète, rendez-vous sur la page Certifications.

  • SOC 1 Type II
  • ISO 27001

Récompenses et mobilisation

100% of the energy used in our TY1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 Tokyo data centers came from renewable sources in 2017.

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Zone métropolitaine

Datacentre IBX® de Tokyo
  • 30,225+ m2 (325,000+ f2) of colocation space in 10 IBX buildings
  • Metro Connect creating a city-wide virtual campus
  • New data center, TY11, opening in 2019

Découvrez notre IBX

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