Datacentre de Canberra

  • Australia's capital with a significant presence of the Government sector
  • Une gamme variée de services réseau sécurisés pour les opérateurs, les fournisseurs de services et ICON
  • Security measures upgradable to meet PSPF requirements and ASIO T4 Technical notes

Pourquoi opter pour Canberra ?

Reach Everywhere

Part of Equinix's global interconnection platform, deploying in Canberra enables you to support the innovative Australian Federal Government marketplace, and reach customers in all six of Australia's largest markets and in 52 cities around the world.

Une interconnexion globale

Equinix Canberra International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) is a carrier-neutral facility with multiple network options as well as diverse ICON network (Australia’s Intra Government Communications Network) availability.

Integrate Everything

Offers a range of comprehensive security features in a purpose-built facility which are upgradable to meet the stringent PSPF requirements and ASIO T4 Technical notes, Equinix Canberra is ideal for government specific deployments across all classifications.

Certifications & Standards

Nos datacentres de Canberra sont certifiés conformes à des normes strictes en matière de gestion énergétique et environnementale.

Certifications listed may not be available at all IBX facilities within this metro. For a complete list, visit our Certifications page.

  • ISO 27001

Awards & Advocacy

Three-time recipient of the Australia Data Center of the Year award from Frost and Sullivan (2011, 2012, 2016).

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Canberra IBX® Data Center
  • Espace d'hébergement d'infrastructures dans notre datacentre IBX
  • Security upgradable to meet PSPF requirements and ASIO T4 Technical notes

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