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Frequently Asked Questions - Customer Success Managers and what I need to know about Equinix Customer Support

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What is a Customer Success Managers (CSM)? And what can I expect from my CSM?

What is the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and will I be provided user instruction?

When will I have access to the Equinix Customer Portal?

When will I receive my login details for the Equinix Customer Portal?

What is an IBX?

Accessing the IBX for the first time?

How will I know who my CSM will be?

What are Equinix’s Policies and Procedures?

How is site access managed for visitors?

What do I do if I want to schedule a delivery to the IBX®?

What is the correct address format for a Shipment?

What if my shipment is Out-of-Hours?

What is a Site reference?

What is a Patch Panel reference?

How can I order a Cross Connect?

How will these changes impact my business with Equinix outside of Spain or Portugal?