Public Cloud Architecture

Equinix offers reference architectures to help companies explore their options for connecting to public clouds. Developed by experts from the Equinix Professional Services team, our cloud connectivity architectures have been tested and refined in Equinix Solution Validation Centers™.

Equinix Cloud Exchange Diagram

Private Access to Public Cloud Providers

The most common architecture for direct connection, shown here, establishes private access to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure through extension nodes of customers' enterprise networks in Equinix data centers. These extension nodes, depicted as an Equinix Performance Hub™ in the reference diagram, connect to AWS services via AWS Direct Connect and to Azure services via Azure ExpressRoute. While only AWS and Azure are shown in the reference diagram, many other IaaS, PaaS and managed service providers are available for direct connection through our IBX facilities.

To tie data services back to corporate data centers—essential for data synchronization and backup—the IBX facility is tethered to corporate and branch offices via Metro-Ethernet or other high-speed local loop lines. Metro-Ethernet usually provides higher, more consistent data throughput rates than IP networks.

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Stratégie et architecture de Performance Hub

The Equinix Performance Hub allows enterprises to connect their wide area network or private cloud to the Equinix network and dramatically improve network speed and application performance.

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Un cadre pour le déploiement du cloud

La promesse du cloud computing : une capacité à la demande, rentable, disponible à tout moment, partout et sur tous les appareils. Une entreprise en mode cloud est en mesure d'exploiter des services cloud pour répondre simplement et efficacement à ses exigences technologiques.


Solution Validation Centers™

Equinix Solution Validation Centers allow companies to trial, test and measure the performance of complex data center deployments before committing to full-scale production.

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