Private Cloud Connectivity

Building private clouds in Equinix enables you to remove the constraints of your enterprise data center from your cloud deployment. You won’t need to rely on pricey MPLS lines or latency-prone IP connections to connect your private cloud to the world. By deploying your private cloud in Equinix, you gain unmatched choice in network services: 1,400+ networks connect to our IBX® data centers. This means you're free to pick communications networks that can efficiently deliver data to the locations and end users you care about most.


More Services for Greater Agility

Equinix can connect you to 1,300+ cloud and technology services, so you can outsource components of your private cloud. Managed services, private storage, applications hosting: no data center company houses more technology providers than Equinix. The service provider choices in our data centers gives you greater IT agility. If you need to access new technology services or switch to another cloud provider, the change takes mere minutes and meters of cable, not months and miles of fiber. Top-tier information and communications technology (ICT) providers are just a data connection away.

Equinix offers a choice of high-performance, low latency direct links for a variety of private cloud deployments within its IBX data centers. We provide fast, cost-effective Ethernet links to connect your metro locations to your private cloud, as well as direct connections between your private cloud and multiple public clouds.

Direct Connection Services

Our direct connection services set up private links between your data center infrastructure in Equinix and potentially hundreds of ICT service providers. The private link provides fast, secure and reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and high-bandwidth data traffic. Since your data doesn't traverse the Internet, it isn't subject to the unpredictable traffic congestion, transmission lag times and data exposure risks inherent in public networks. 2,500+ cloud service providers are available within Equinix, and many of them offer private interconnection to their cloud infrastructure via Equinix Cloud Exchange™, Equinix Cross Connects or Ethernet services.

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Dans nos datacentres, Platform Equinix™ offre une couverture haute performance du plus grand nombre d'utilisateurs finaux, la plus vaste gamme de « lit buildings » et l'écosystème de clients le plus dynamique.


Le service Equinix Cloud Exchange et les problèmes qu'il résout

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides the benefits of the cloud without the downside of the public Internet. Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced network solution that securely reaches multiple cloud providers in metro areas around the world over a single port. It works in near real-time, so you can...


Écosystèmes réseau

Accroître votre flexibilité ou minimiser vos frais généraux de gestion ? Améliorer vos performances ou réduire les coûts ? Lorsqu'il est question de vos performances réseau, vous ne devriez pas avoir à trancher.

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