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There's no better place to integrate public cloud services into your IT environment than in Equinix data centers. We offer unprecedented flexibility, security and reliability for hybrid clouds. We offer the most locations in which to build your cloud, as well as the broadest choice in cloud services of any data center company. Most importantly, we offer companies the most ways to connect directly with cloud providers. Within Equinix, you can establish direct connections to multiple clouds from multiple locations simultaneously.

There are many reasons why you should house your hybrid cloud infrastructure in Equinix data centers:

  • Equinix offers data center industry's broadest choice in cloud service providers, with many of them offering direct connections to their cloud infrastructure via Equinix Cloud Exchange™, Equinix Cross Connects or Ethernet services.
  • Equinix is the only data center provider offering direct connection to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.
  • We provide the data center industry's most advanced and broadly deployed cloud interconnection platform: Equinix Cloud Exchange.
  • Our data centers provide reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and/or high-bandwidth data traffic—up to 100Gbps of bandwidth and sub-millisecond latency.
  • Equinix provides information security from transmitting data over private connections instead of public networks, reducing the risk of data flows being intercepted, monitored or modified.
  • Unmatched choice in network services: 1,400+ networks connect to our International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) facilities.
  • 145+ data centers on 5 continents
  • Guaranteed >99.99999% availability

CDM Smith

CDM Smith turned to Equinix to deliver a robust, integrated end-to-end solution.

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Fast, Secure, Reliable Connectivity

Our direct connection services set up private links between your data center infrastructure in Equinix and potentially hundreds of clouds and networks. These private links provide fast, secure and reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and/or high-bandwidth data traffic. Since your data doesn't traverse the Internet, it isn't subject to the unpredictable traffic congestion, transmission lag times and data exposure risks inherent in public networks.

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La pertinence du cloud hybride

Les entreprises optent de plus en plus pour une architecture cloud hybride dans le but d'optimiser la performance de leurs applications vitales.



En migrant sa plateforme technologique d'un système AWS seul vers une plateforme de cloud hybride, Foursquare a pu multiplier les performances de sa base de données par deux et adapter son infrastructure afin d'accélérer ses fonctionnalités et augmenter sa capacité sans surcoût.



Badgeville evolved from operating exclusively within the public cloud to deploying a hybrid cloud model within data centers. As a result, Badgeville was able to gain control of its own infrastructure and derive significant business benefits, including performance increases of up to 40 percent,...

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