Réseaux de diffusion de contenu (CDN) privés

Many large companies are evaluating private content delivery networks (CDNs) to securely distribute customized content so that only specific business units, user groups or individuals can gain access to it. From streaming internal corporate communications videos to distributing subscription-based content, the applications supported by private CDNs require consistent, reliable and secure on-demand performance.

With Platform Equinix and Equinix Performance Hub you can increase network bandwidth, reduce latency and lower administrative costs by managing fewer circuits.


Optimize Private CDN Performance

Private CDNs require consistent performance between corporate data centers and branch offices, or between businesses and their customers' sites. With Platform Equinix™ and Equinix Performance Hub™ you can increase network bandwidth, reduce latency and lower administrative costs by managing fewer circuits. Performance Hub solutions support high-performance features such as WAN optimization, load balancing and network peering to help you optimize performance.

Exceptional Global Quality of Experience (QoE)

Private content delivery requires timely distribution without frequent and frustrating time-outs. By distributing your IT infrastructure and private CDN as Equinix Performance Hub nodes in different regions within Equinix data centers you can provide improve your global customers' QoE.


Reliable Disaster Recovery

Private corporate content requires a solid disaster recovery (DR) strategy to ensure reliable availability to end users and customers. Platform Equinix and our Performance Hub architectures enable you to leverage Equinix's globally distributed data centers to back up and protect content, well away from the primary data center. As the home of 1,400+ networks, Equinix allows you to choose from multiple network routes for redundancy. Equinix's average global uptime rating of >99.99999% ensures the availability of your most mission-critical corporate content and applications.


A Robust Foundation for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Though many private CDNs are built on private network or cloud environments, access to services—such as Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure—that offer access to public clouds allows you to scale your content and applications deliveries to your growing customer base. Platform Equinix and Performance Hub solutions lay the foundation for securely enabling direct access to multiple public cloud providers. By avoiding the congestion of the public Internet, Equinix Cloud Exchange™ connects you to multiple public cloud providers directly and securely, providing new possibilities in hybrid cloud computing.


Services professionnels mondiaux

Before you commit to full-scale private CDN deployment, our Global Solutions Architects can help you test and measure the impact of Performance Hub designs on your implementation in our Solution Validation Centers.™

Ressources associées

Fiche technique

Aperçu de la solution Performance Hub

Cette fiche technique donne un aperçu simple et concis d'Equinix Performance Hub et de ses composants.


Platform Equinix stimule l'innovation commerciale.

L'implantation compte. Platform Equinix s'interconnecte à une masse critique d'acteurs de l'industrie en un seul endroit, ce qui permet aux entreprises d'améliorer leur performance et d'accroître la satisfaction des utilisateurs tout en réduisant les coûts opérationnels.


Stratégie et architecture de Performance Hub

The Equinix Performance Hub allows enterprises to connect their wide area network or private cloud to the Equinix network and dramatically improve network speed and application performance.

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