Performance Hub™

Performance Hub gives you the ability to efficiently deploy resources at the edge, closest to your end-users, enabling a whole new level of global network performance. Configured to your enterprise requirements, Performance Hub is based on a core set of vendor-agnostic components which leverage Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ to give you secure, scalable access to major network and cloud service providers in all your important markets.

A Transitional Strategy with Transformational Impact

Implemented gradually, Equinix Performance Hub provides an affordable, low-risk approach to improving network performance and reducing costs. Before committing to full-scale deployment, you can test and measure the impact of Performance Hub designs on your applications and workloads in one of our Solution Validation Centers.

See how Equinix Performance Hub delivers a new level of performance.

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Better Performance, Lower Cost

  • Reduce bandwidth costs by 40%
  • Significantly improve WAN performance
  • Securely connect to 500+ cloud providers, including: AWS, IBM, Azure, Google, Oracle
  • 65% faster web server response times
  • Run SharePoint 39% faster
  • Improve VDI launch times by 40%
  • Lower network latency for video streaming by 47%

Equinix Performance Hub Solution Brief

Proven Performance

An extension node of your enterprise network, Performance Hub enables secure, private and reliable connections to network and cloud providers, providing globally consistent security and quality of experience while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

This solution brief offers various use case requirements for enterprises and a reference architecture that will assist customers in deploying a distributed, highly optimized, cloud-ready network architecture utilizing Performance Hubs.

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Easily Add Services to Performance Hub

Equinix Cloud Exchange™

A flexible, future-proofed foundation for building private, hybrid, and multi clouds.

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Equinix Data Hub™

Directly connect to this enterprise data warehouse solution to efficiently store and transfer larger workloads.

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Integrate network peering services Equinix Internet Exchange and Equinix Cloud Exchange with intelligent WAN or SD-WAN solutions to resolve end-to-end connectivity issues.

Success-story: CDM Smith

See how CDM Smith transformed their legacy architecture with Performance Hubs in key metros to create a game-changing, high-performance global network.

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CDM Smith

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Etude de cas

Utilisateurs distribués, applications distribuées, Performance Hub d'enterprise

Découvrez comment, en déployant une architecture réseau distribuée et novatrice chez Equinix, un société majeure du secteur de l'aéronautique et de la défense a pu améliorer son expérience utilisateur, augmenter son débit et réaliser 20 % d'économies nettes.


Success-story : Equinix Performance Hub

A leading financial services company wanted to re-imagine its network architecture in order to improve overall user experience and to prepare for a future cloud investment. By deploying Equinix Performance Hub™, the company reduced latency by 35% and increased application performance by more than 25% on cloud-based applications.


CDM Smith

See how CDM Smith, a consulting engineering and operations company with 160 offices worldwide, turned to Equinix to transform their current architecture to create a high-performance global network. The result was significant business advantages on many levels, including performance, security and overall ROI. Read about this remarkable success story.

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