Equinix Data Hub: Use Cases

Equinix Data Hub™ is the ideal enterprise solution to manage and maximize the continuing proliferation of corporate data. Whatever your data requirements, Data Hub can instantly give you a robust and powerful infrastructure that gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cloud Integrated Tiered Storage

More and more enterprises are employing tiered data storage with life cycle management as a cost effective solution to handle growing data volumes. Unfortunately, such an approach can be derailed by limited storage locations. Data Hub removes any and all location restrictions, allowing your enterprise to strategically build an effective data architecture based on tiered storage—anywhere in the world.

Data Analytics

The ever-changing infrastructure and application landscape of big data means enterprises must have an architecture that both flexible and can accelerate time-to-market deployments. The combined power of Data Hub and Equinix Performance Hub™ enables private enterprise storage while leveraging cost effective, on-demand computer power in the public cloud to run analytics and dashboard applications. Now your enterprise can effortlessly scale workloads up or down in the public cloud as business demands dictate—yet your sensitive data is 100% secure in the company’s nearby private cloud.

Data Replication and Data Protection

Data Hub and Performance Hub allow your company to seamlessly build multi-region storage clusters to manage copies of data across geographically dispersed offices. Now you can realize high data availability while maintaining a consistent, seamless experience for every user, in every location. Data is always ultra-secure yet readily accessible to those with the requisite permissions.


Solutions de conception et de déploiement

Les services professionnels Equinix (SPE) et nos partenaires en services informatiques vous guident à chaque étape du processus de conception et de déploiement du Performance Hub. Nous sommes experts dans les trois domaines suivants :

  • Stratégie, architecture et consolidation de datacentres
  • Conception, analyse et optimisation de réseaux
  • Conception et mise en œuvre de clouds hybrides

Avant le déploiement, les Solution Validation Centers d'Equinix peuvent vous aider à mesure, tester et certifier les composants individuels des datacentres, de même que la manière dont ils peuvent fonctionner ensemble. De cette manière, vous pouvez mesurer les performances de l'intégralité de votre environnement technologique et procéder à des réglages pour obtenir le meilleur retour sur investissement avant un déploiement intégral.

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