Le trading en Chine

Foreign investors have been investing in China since the early 2000s to take advantage of China’s economic growth and increasingly available assets and derivatives. This report outlines the key aspects of the market that foreign investors investing in China should understand, including the overall market trends, important asset classes, regulators, regulations, technology and connectivity in China.

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Accéder aux marchés asiatiques

Aujourd'hui, les marchés financiers asiatiques suscitent un intérêt sans précédent chez les firmes occidentales, d'autant plus que ces marchés sont devenus plus accessibles que jamais.

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Le trading en Australie

As Australia continues to be an important player in the global economy, especially regarding its relationship with China, the market should continue to grow over the next few years both in terms of the economy itself and the financial markets. Australia’s capital market is one of the more...

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Le trading au Japon

In the coming years Japan will face strong competition from other Asia-Pacific capital markets in attracting global traders, but currently it already offers a compelling package: its capital markets are among the biggest in the world, up-to-date infrastructure is in place and two main...

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