Undoing Impossible: The Rise Of The Interconnected Enterprise

Enterprises are waking up to the fact that legacy architecture is the root cause of persistent IT problems. This whitepaper shows how forward thinking organizations are leveraging new architectures, with interconnection at their core, giving them the ability to solve a range of those problems all at once.

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Equinix Interconnection Oriented Architecture

Your IT Problems are Structural

See how an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ is the foundation for success

Interconnection 101 (le B.A.-BA des interconnexions)

451 Research introduces the concept behind interconnection, key players, business models and trends.

Colocation-Based Interconnection

Gartner explains why interconnection is the 'glue' for advanced digital business applications.

IOA Cheat Sheet

Equinix breaks down common IT pain points and how to leverage an interconnection solution.

Economic Report

Forrester analyzes the economic impact of Equinix’s Interconnection Solutions of four customers.

Gartner Edge Manifesto

Look at how placing resources at the edge of the network can benefit your operations.

Learn about IOA™

Ressources associées

Rapport des analystes

Rapport du cabinet Gartner : réseau des hébergements d'infrastructures

Ce rapport décrit comment les entreprises peuvent utiliser les réseaux d'hébergement d'infrastructures (plusieurs connexions au sein d'un centre d'hébergement) afin de bénéficier des avantages cloud dont les fournisseurs de services cloud, fournisseurs de contenu et opérateurs tirent déjà parti. Avec un réseau d'hébergement, les entreprises peuvent améliorer leur flexibilité et leur résilience tout en réduisant les coûts. Ce rapport aborde trois aspects du réseau des hébergements d'infrastructures (l'accès sur Ethernet, l'accès au sein d'un site d'hébergement et l'accès entre sites d'hébergement) et comment votre entreprise peut retirer un avantage concurrentiel de leur mise en œuvre.


CDM Smith

See how CDM Smith, a consulting engineering and operations company with 160 offices worldwide, turned to Equinix to transform their current architecture to create a high-performance global network. The result was significant business advantages on many levels, including performance, security and overall ROI. Read about this remarkable success story.

White Paper

La frontière de l'entreprise interconnectée

To drive growth in today’s ever-evolving digital economy, organizations must re-architect IT, interconnecting key service providers and end users at the point of engagement – the edge. Next generation architectures enable growth from new products and services, expansion into new global markets and acquisition of new, more digital-, social- and mobile-savvy consumers.

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