The exchange of digital media across content delivery networks (CDNs) has grown – and will continue to grow – at a rapid pace. Some estimates project a fourfold increase in digital content crossing CDNs by 2018. This mounting traffic puts tremendous stress on a global Internet infrastructure with latency and bandwidth issues. Maintaining system availability throughout the media asset flow is critical for all in the digital media and entertainment industry.


In tests conducted in our global Solution Validation Centers, video streaming applications experienced 47% lower network latency through a Performance Hub deployment.


Scale your video streaming performance while reducing costs.

To improve efficiency, speed and reliability, content must be located near Internet service providers (ISPs) and consumers. Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™) houses all media content delivery systems in data centers near partners and large user populations, reducing latency and increasing bandwidth performance. Leveraging Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers provides world-class reliability and operational excellence to keep the process flowing. Our data centers deliver, on average, 99.9999% global uptime and best-in-class physical security.

In tests conducted in Equinix’s global Solution Validation Centers™, video streaming applications that flowed through Equinix data centers experienced 47% lower network latency. Our test results also show that our customers save, on average, more than 25% on network bandwidth costs by aggregating Internet traffic delivery to improve performance and scalability.


Equinix IBX Data Centers:

  • House 6,300 + customers and are located in 40 major business markets on five continents
  • Offer cost-effective access to 1,150+ networks and 1,300+ cloud, IT and system integrator services.
  • Ensure secure, reliable delivery on global service level agreements (SLAs).

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Guide de référence Performance Hub et Equinix Cloud Exchange

La création d'une connectivité directe, sûre et fiable aux fournisseurs de services cloud via Performance Hub d'Equinix et Equinix Cloud Exchange permet aux entreprises de contourner les obstacles de l'Internet public et de tirer parti des nombreux avantages du cloud computing.

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451 Research : Interconnection 101 (le B.A.-BA des interconnexions)

Le cloud étant aujourd'hui en pleine expansion, la production de données augmente à vive allure, le contenu se rapproche de la frontière des réseaux et les utilisateurs finaux du monde entier demandent des données et des applications à toute heure, où qu'ils se trouvent : pouvoir s'interconnecter avec de nombreux acteurs devient un enjeu encore plus important.


Performance Hub

Equinix Performance Hub can enable your company to securely and directly connect to leading public clouds, easily deploy a private cloud, and lay the foundation of a hybrid cloud.

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