Today’s consumers expect reliable, on-demand access to bandwidth-heavy digital content such as video, apps and online games. To meet consumer expectation, digital media and entertainment companies need an interconnected neutral ecosystem of content companies, advertising networks and content delivery services, accessible via secure, direct connections.


A Robust and Flexible Ecosystem

More than 500+ content and media companies use Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™). Equinix's global Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) enables media and entertainment organizations to partner in a digital supply chain to optimize content creation and global distribution. Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables cloud service providers and users to establish affordable, private, high-performance connections.

Equinix has data centers in 40 major business markets on five continents, with access to 1,150+ networks and 1,300+ cloud, IT and system integrator services. The geographic reach and flexibility of Equinix data centers allow media and entertainment companies to house video content closer to partners and customers for faster delivery.

5 of the top 5 web properties (comScore)
4 of the top 5 social networks (Alexa)
4 of the top 5 video sites (comScore)
5 of the top 5 video ad properties (comScore)


Fast, Reliable, Scalable

  • Directly connect to partners, including social sites, advertising networks, content partners, and 1,150+ networks, carriers, mobile providers and Internet services providers (ISPs).
  • On-demand scalability within an agile infrastructure.
  • Optimize content creation and exchange high volume data faster and more securely.
  • Access a growing number of prospective customers or business partners: 8,000+ global customers live inside Equinix IBX data centers.
  • Global network of data centers conveniently located near partners and customers enabling faster, more efficient content delivery.

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En migrant sa plateforme technologique d'un système AWS seul vers une plateforme de cloud hybride, Foursquare a pu multiplier les performances de sa base de données par deux et adapter son infrastructure afin d'accélérer ses fonctionnalités et augmenter sa capacité sans surcoût.


Guide de référence Performance Hub et Equinix Cloud Exchange

La création d'une connectivité directe, sûre et fiable aux fournisseurs de services cloud via Performance Hub d'Equinix et Equinix Cloud Exchange permet aux entreprises de contourner les obstacles de l'Internet public et de tirer parti des nombreux avantages du cloud computing.

Rapport des analystes

Interconnection 101 (le B.A.-BA des interconnexions)

451 Research looks at the business of interconnection and discusses trends that are likely to impact it going forward, including increased data production and the need to push content closer to the edge to ensure data and applications can be accessed by end users anytime and anywhere.

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