The worldwide video game industry now exceeds $76 billion, with projections it will reach more than $86 billion by 2016. To stay ahead in this growing market, gaming companies have to keep up with an exploding number of global users and new platforms, while maintaining a steady pipeline of gaming options. For sports betting and casino game providers, there are current and future gaming regulations to adhere to that vary by state and country.


A Global Data Center Platform for High-Performance Gaming

It's essential for gaming companies to work in concert with content delivery networks (CDNs), social networks, game console companies, cloud service providers and smart phone device platforms to reach their expanding customer base. They also must support various monetization models, such as subscription and free-to-play, to grow their customer base and revenues. And they must provide the transaction security and data security compliance and game continuity that is expected of best-in-class, global gaming companies.

Zynga is directly connected within an Equinix data center, resulting in lower transit costs and improved latency and service performance.


Platform Equinix™ data centers accelerate online gaming performance worldwide, scale access to a variety of gaming options for multiple device types and provide world-class operational reliability and security. Equinix’s 145+ worldwide IBX® data centers enable gaming companies to gain direct access to key partners in order to rapidly integrate hosted gaming services, complementary technologies, monetization programs and customer opportunities.

With Equinix, global hosted and cloud online gaming services such as AsiaSoft, Health Lottery, NHN Entertainment, and Zynga rely on Equinix to:

  • Increase performance, with lower latency and higher bandwidth, by adding Equinix Performance Hub™ solutions to the online gaming IT infrastructure.
  • Gain close proximity and access to more 1,400+ networks and 2,500+ public cloud services, including enabling direct connections to AWS and Microsoft Azure via Equinix Cloud Exchange™.
  • Join a mature digital media network with an expanding list of gaming and content service providers, and connect to a diverse population of suppliers and other partners to develop new products and services.
  • Connect to top Web properties for social sharing features.
  • Tap into the Equinix Ad-IX™ ecosystem of ad exchanges, DSPs and data aggregators for site monetization opportunities.

Services professionnels mondiaux

You'll also have access to our global Professional Services team and Solution Validation Centers™ to help you plan, design, test and deploy a best-in-class IT infrastructure solution that best meets your business goals.

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