Capital Markets

Capital markets firms operate in a high-stakes environment that's in constant flux. They need a colocation and proximity hosting provider who isn't. Equinix's data center platform houses the world's largest multi-asset class electronic trading ecosystem. It's an interconnected marketplace that includes the most important foreign exchange, equities, fixed income and derivatives execution venues and trading platforms; as well as buy- and sell-side firms, market data vendors, service providers and major carrier networks. This electronic trading infrastructure environment has prospered since its inception, and it's poised to keep growing.

Tap into the world's most robust financial ecosystem of 875+ financial services companies, including 475+ buy- and sell-side firms and 175+ exchanges.


The World's New Financial Center

Regulation is set to move more markets on exchange—making more markets electronic in nature, enhancing transparency and keeping liquidity mobile through a standardization that's opening the markets to new players and geographic regions. It makes sense for these new entrants and growing firms to continue to converge inside Equinix, because the majority of capital markets participants are already here. Being inside Equinix allows you to connect to or develop new products and services, lowering your operating costs and opening new revenue streams, while enabling you to trade smarter and faster.

Benefits of Platform Equinix™

  • Optimized low-latency access to the world's largest multi-asset class electronic trading ecosystem
  • Simplified connectivity to major market data feeds
  • Reduced IT services, bandwidth and network connectivity costs
  • Improved business continuity and resilience
  • Increased revenue and liquidity generation opportunities
  • Removal of capital expenditure on commodity data center space and power
  • Counterparty connectivity for enhanced regulatory agility

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Présentation des marchés de capitaux

Les datacentres IBX d'Equinix interconnectent les marchés de capitaux de tous les grands centres financiers du monde. En accédant à une plateforme d'hébergement d'infrastructures et de proximité, les différents acteurs des marchés de capitaux bénéficient d'une base neutre à partir de laquelle ils peuvent défier la concurrence et collaborer, au sein du plus vaste écosystème mondial de trading électronique intégrant de multiples actifs.

White Paper

Ecosystems and Liquidity - An Exchange Road Map For Maximum Order Flow

As electronic trading matures, markets become highly competitive and global. Liquidity too becomes more mobile, shifting intraday from one venue to another. ‘Risk-on’ or ‘risk-off’ sentiments then drive global flows of funds to raise or lower prices across entire markets. Understanding where liquidity comes from has become a key success factor in today’s global financial markets.

White Paper

OTC Derivatives - Clearing 101

This whitepaper, the first in a three-part series commissioned by Equinix, provides a guide to the evolving clearing landscape for OTC derivatives.

Equinix Blog

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