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According to the Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay in page load time yields a 7% loss in conversions. Page load time not only impacts immediate sales, but it also seriously affects customer retention and satisfaction levels.

Learn how Equinix's peering capabilities and carrier neutrality allowed Priceline to scale rapidly and meet the growing demands of the online travel industry.

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Optimize e-commerce performance and maximize customer satisfaction.

With Platform Equinix™ and Equinix Performance Hub™ you can realize a 15% improvement in your page load time. By reducing network latency, you will ensure fast page loads and reduce application response time, resulting in a much improved customer experience and increase in your revenue potential.

Equinix Performance Hub deployments enable you to reduce transmission latency to single-digit milliseconds by staging your application servers and content closer to partners and customers, including cloud services you rely on to run your e-commerce business.

Equinix services and solutions allow you to:

  • Establish distributed e-commerce infrastructures closer to customers around the world for faster access to your e-commerce storefronts.
  • Leverage peering capabilities and the most efficient routes for delivering your digital products and services among 1,400+ networks.
  • Aggregate Internet traffic delivery and save (on average) more than 25% on network bandwidth costs.

Increase uptime and avoid revenue loss.

Replicated Equinix Performance Hub deployments and diverse networks within distributed Equinix IBX® data centers provide world-class reliability and operational excellence to maintain revenue flow. Our data centers deliver >99.99999% (on average) global uptime and physical security. And with Equinix Cloud Exchange™, you can access cloud-based storage and archiving services for backup and disaster recovery.

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White Paper

CITO Research: « Le secret pour obtenir des résultats commerciaux : comment les connexions réseau stimulent les performances des applications »

To really drive consumer satisfaction and business results, you need a fast network. Today's consumers don't care whether they're accessing your service from a desktop or a mobile device; if you make them wait (even a few seconds), they'll leave and possibly never return. Sometimes, they'll even...

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Aperçu de la solution Performance Hub

Cette fiche technique donne un aperçu simple et concis d'Equinix Performance Hub et de ses composants.


Guide de référence Performance Hub et Equinix Cloud Exchange

La création d'une connectivité directe, sûre et fiable aux fournisseurs de services cloud via Performance Hub d'Equinix et Equinix Cloud Exchange permet aux entreprises de contourner les obstacles de l'Internet public et de tirer parti des nombreux avantages du cloud computing.

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