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According to a Cisco study, global Internet traffic will reach 1.6 zettabytes by 2018, and approximately half of it will be carried over content delivery networks (CDNs). In addition, 79% of all global consumer Internet traffic will be streaming video. This explosion in Internet traffic and video content will make it more challenging for content delivery systems providers to manage scale and satisfy service level agreements (SLAs) while deploying value-added services to end users.


Reliable, High-Performance Interconnection Solutions

Equinix is the home of the most connected data centers. Our Platform Equinix™ data centers enable content delivery systems companies to access reliable and high-performance interconnection solutions that provide access to a dense population of networks, Internet and cloud service providers, partners and customers.

We provide global access to 500+ content providers, revenue partners and content delivery services including:

  • 5 of the top 5 web properties (comScore)
  • 4 des 5 meilleurs réseaux sociaux (Alexa)
  • 4 of the top 5 video sites (comScore)
  • 3 of the top 5 video ad properties (comScore)

"After deploying with Equinix, the latency to end-users fell lower than 25 milliseconds, greatly improving how end-users experience our services."

- Joe Zhu, Vice President—Global Business, ChinaCache


We help content delivery systems providers, such as Akamai, ChinaCache and Sohonet, meet critical content caching and delivery requirements with:

  • Peering via Equinix Internet Exchange to lower bandwidth costs by aggregating traffic delivery and the ability to connect to over 1,400+ networks, carriers, mobile providers and ISPs
  • Faster connectivity with lower latency and high bandwidth via Equinix Performance Hub™ deployments, which places your content and caching servers physically closer to partners and customers
  • Close proximity and access to multiple clouds via Equinix Cloud Exchange™ to scale your content delivery system infrastructure using on-demand cloud services
  • The ability to connect media assets to CDNs and establish core CDN services on a hybrid cloud platform for additional services
  • Operational reliability, with >99.99999% (on average) global uptime and access to 145+ global data centers for backup and disaster recovery

Services professionnels mondiaux

You’ll also have access to our global Professional Services team and Solution Validation Centers™ to help you plan, design, test and deploy your application and IT solutions to meet your business goals.

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Dans nos datacentres, Platform Equinix™ offre une couverture haute performance du plus grand nombre d'utilisateurs finaux, la plus vaste gamme de « lit buildings » et l'écosystème de clients le plus dynamique.

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