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SaaS providers need to deliver a high quality of experience (QoE) if they expect to expand their customer base, increase the lifetime value of their customers, and reduce customer churn. This means application and service response times must be best-in-breed fast. The best way to accelerate SaaS services and thereby improve customer QoE is by staging application servers closer to end users. According to Gartner, enterprises moving to SaaS must adjust their network architecture to avoid degraded performance.

Ensure high availability for cloud-based services with >99.9999% global average uptime in our world-class data centers.


A Global Interconnection Platform for Best-in-Breed Performance

Equinix's global interconnection platform helps SaaS companies optimize application performance. With 145 data centers on five continents, we help SaaS providers deploy closer to users to improve performance and fuel business growth.

We offer SaaS companies:

  • The broadest geographic reach in the data center industry, enabling SaaS providers to get close to customers in distant markets
  • Unmatched choice in communications service providers to streamline network routes and reduce costs
  • World-class data center facilities with 99.9999% global average uptime to ensure high availability for cloud-based services

Learn how Equinix helped Box accelerate its growth, improve performance, and deliver better results to both businesses and consumers.

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The Best Network Routes for SaaS Delivery

1,150+ communications networks—including top Tier 1 networks—are available through Equinix data centers. We offer the widest network choice in the data center industry.

Deploying your SaaS infrastructure inside our data centers guarantees you’ll get not only unmatched choice in communications service providers but also the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective network routes. Our industry-leading network density is a key reason why 500+ cloud service providers—including Box, Marketo and Salesforce—choose Equinix.

Let Equinix help optimize your WAN 


A Vast Ecosystem of Services and Networks

Many new applications start in public clouds, with cost and time-to-market reductions as the most frequently-cited reason. Over time, however, many SaaS providers discover they can’t rely exclusively on public cloud infrastructure, because they can’t scale services to achieve a reliable, high-quality customer experience.

SaaS providers are finding they can accelerate application delivery while reducing their per-customer costs by shifting workloads from public clouds to private clouds or to a public-private hybrid. SaaS companies can establish their own cloud infrastructure inside Equinix, where they can connect to hundreds of IaaS, PaaS, storage services and communications networks to improve their customer experience while cutting cloud operating costs.


World-Class Reliability From the World Leader in Data Center Services

Since 1998, Equinix has invested more than $12.5B+ to create a global platform of data centers for delivering mission-critical services. With a >99.9999% uptime SLA across our global data center platform and world-class physical security, we make it easier for you to:

  • Establish globally consistent SLAs with your customer.
  • Accelerate adoption of your services between countries and region.
  • Minimize revenue and reputational losses resulting from unplanned downtime by leveraging the exceptional reliability and performance of Platform Equinix.

Read more about Equinix operational reliability 

The Most Locations in the World's Most Desirable Markets

No other data center provider offers you as many locations for reaching customers around the world. The consistency of our global data center platform makes it faster and easier to deploy your data center infrastructure across multiple regions and facilities. You get the same top-quality Equinix services whether you're colocating in Dallas, Dubai or Dusseldorf.

Geographic Flexibility for Faster Response

Geographic proximity is key to user experience. With locations in 40 markets on 5 continents, Equinix gives you the geographic flexibility to distribute application services closer to high concentrations of customers. Our industry-leading global footprint enables SaaS providers to reduce latency and increase service performance.

Learn about application acceleration 

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Success-story : Box

When Box started growing internationally, it needed a top-tier, global data center provider with the network density that could enable lower latency and higher throughput for its cloud services. Platform Equinix helps Box accelerate growth by safeguarding its infrastructure, improving performance and providing direct connections to its digital supply chain.

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GigaOm : Comment les solutions d'accès direct peuvent accélérer l'adoption du cloud

Cet article passe en revue les défis auxquels font face les startups à forte croissance et les entreprises établies, et propose diverses options pour les relever.

White Paper

THINKStrategies: « Adapter la distribution des SaaS pour assurer la réussite à long terme de l'entreprise »

Créez le système répondant aux besoins de votre offre de services. Les nouvelles ressources IaaS et PaaS ont éliminé les nombreux obstacles à l'entrée des fournisseurs SaaS, mais ont conduit un nombre croissant d'acteurs à se battre pour obtenir une part de marché. Cette « ruée vers le cloud » signifie également qu'il est plus facile que jamais pour un consommateur de changer de solution s'il est confronté à des problèmes de disponibilité. À l'évidence, créer un partenariat avec le fournisseur adéquat est essentiel pour garantir la disponibilité et la performance de vos solutions SaaS.

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