Speed is everything in digital advertising—and especially in programmatic real-time bidding (RTB). Ad exchanges require companies bidding on ad inventory to do so within 60 to 100 milliseconds, and ad buyers must quickly process growing amounts of data from multiple sources to successfully serve ads to the appropriate audience—making performance even more critical to ad bidding. This is where Equinix comes in: We can reduce network latency between advertising companies to single-digit milliseconds.

"This joint offering with Equinix reinforces BrightRoll's position as the most advanced real-time platform for video advertising buyers."

—Tim Avila, Vice President of Product Marketing, BrightRoll.


Reduce latency and increase speed with Equinix Ad-IX™.

Utilizing private, high-performance, direct links that divert RTB traffic off public networks, the Equinix Ad-IX ecosystem accelerates the flow of information and reduces variability in transmission times. By interconnecting ad tech companies to each other, the distance between RTB participants shrinks to meters, rather than miles, of cable. All this puts time on your side.

Latency, which can be more than 100 milliseconds over the Internet, shrinks to less than 10 milliseconds using the direct interconnections available through Equinix Ad-IX. This leaves more time for data analysis and audience targeting, so you can place more informed bids and ultimately net more wins.


Protect your digital advertising ecosystem.

For fast-moving ad tech companies, downtime cuts right into the bottom line. Any delay of the RTB system sacrifices potential bids and opportunities for your ads to be seen, which negatively impacts ad revenue. An ad spot is a transient opportunity; you can never regain the opportunity to rebid if your system goes down. The ability to provide a robust and reliable data center infrastructure and recover quickly from any unplanned outages is critical to keeping revenue flowing.

Replicated Equinix Performance Hub™ deployments and diverse networks within distributed Equinix™ IBX® data centers provide world-class reliability and operational excellence for your company’s core concerns: business continuity and disaster recovery.

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Écosystème Ad-IX

Interconnecter les plateformes Ad Exchange et les marchés de la publicité, pour une diffusion d'annonces en ligne à la fois efficace et rapide.

White Paper

Equinix's Ad-IX Ecosystem Grows - Why It Matters to the Enterprise

Equinix introduced the concept of the Ad-IX ecosystem for video advertising in April in hopes of finding the next launchpad that would help grow low-latency interconnect and colocation services. The company is reporting back six months later that it is, indeed, growing a valuable ecosystem of video advertising participants – 85 ad-tech companies that are counted as part of the Equinix customer base are part of Ad-IX.



BrightRoll a étendu son infrastructure technologique en positionnant sa plateforme Ad Exchange de vidéos publicitaires dans les datacentres Equinix et en profitant d'une interconnexion directe avec les participants afin de contourner l'Internet public. Résultat : une diminution considérable du temps de latence et une augmentation significative des transactions réussies, améliorant ainsi le nombre d'opportunités et le chiffre d'affaires de tous les participants.

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