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Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are part of everything we do. It’s why we have a commitment to be “green by design.” This means we use our power as efficiently as possible, rely on renewable energy sources whenever possible and design our data centers to the strictest sustainability standards.

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Our efforts have paid off. On an annual basis, our green operational practices have helped us save enough energy to power 11,000+ U.S. homes for a year. And our efforts have been noticed. We are the most green-awarded data center company in the world. A few of our recent awards include:

  • 2014 DataCloud Congress Award for Environmental Sustainability (AM3)
  • 2014 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award (APAC Region)
  • 2014 International Datacentre and Cloud Award for Environmental Sustainability
  • BCA Green Mark for Data Center - Platinum Award (SG3)
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By covering roofs with plants and vegetation at our AM3 IBX in Amsterdam and our ZH5 IBX in Zurich, Equinix lowered cooling costs and reduced storm water runoff, which is associated with flooding and the nutrient pollution of nearby lakes and rivers.

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Our Approach

We’re constantly exploring new technologies that can increase our energy efficiency and shrink our environmental footprint. Some techniques are specific to certain geographies, like the Deep Lake Water Cooling System in place in Toronto. Other methods, such as free air cooling, are particularly effective in colder locales.

Here are a few examples of green technologies and approaches we’ve used at our data centers around the world:

  • Green rooftops (plants and vegetation)
  • Granular temperature control
  • Water-side economizers
  • Solar panels
  • Fuel cells
  • Geothermal cogeneration
  • Combined heat and power, known as CHP, which refers to on-site electricity generation and use of the heat byproduct for energy

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L'ambition et l'histoire d'Equinix

En tant que première plateforme d'interconnexions et système d'infrastructure Internet le plus puissant au monde, Equinix est riche d'un passé remarquable, d'une culture d'entreprise unique et d'un avenir radieux.


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Que votre objectif soit de protéger votre infrastructure informatique, de développer votre entreprise ou d'améliorer vos performances, Platform Equinix offre la zone de couverture internationale de datacentres IBX fiables et les écosystèmes métiers dont vous avez besoin pour booster votre croissance.

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