Un large choix de fournisseurs informatiques

Améliorez l'agilité de votre entreprise numérique en vous tournant vers des offres datacentres flexibles. Avec Platform Equinix™, connectez-vous à un large éventail de réseaux, services cloud, fournisseurs de services informatiques et partenaires commerciaux, afin de vous adapter rapidement et facilement à l'évolution constante des besoins de votre organisation.

Un large choix de fournisseurs informatiques

Choisissez parmi des milliers de fournisseurs de services informatiques et Internet

Equinix lets you tap into thousands of service providers to customize the right mix of network, cloud and IT solutions for your data center operations. With so many service providers—including the broadest choice of cloud service providers—in every data center, you have the flexibility to change services and vendors as your needs evolve, ensuring your data center is always ready for whatever comes next.

Un large choix de fournisseurs informatiques

Pour une évolutivité rapide et simple des services d'un datacentre

Everything you need to set up a world-class data center: space in flexible increments, high-speed networks, interconnection to cloud and IT services, is already here on Platform Equinix™. Complimentary consultations with our solutions architects and data center engineers can help you get up and running fast while ensuring the best possible results.

Un large choix de fournisseurs informatiques

Interconnect with preferred customers and partners

With Equinix, you gain the flexibility to interconnect directly with the companies that matter most to your business. 8,000+ companies call Equinix home, and the number grows every day. This means the industry partners and customers you need to stay competitive will likely be inside our data centers, ready to interconnect with you.

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Performance Hub, optimisé

Equinix Performance Hub can enable your company to securely and directly connect to leading public clouds, easily deploy a private cloud, and lay the foundation of a hybrid cloud. This bundled solution will drastically improve your users' (employees, partners and customers) quality of experience as...


AWS Direct Connect

Together, Equinix and AWS Direct Connect accelerate Amazon Web Services adoption by making it easier to directly and securely connect to the world’s most popular cloud service and ensure the performance and availability of mission-critical applications and workloads.


Cloud Exchange for Enterprise

Equinix Cloud Exchange allows enterprises to do more in the cloud by providing secure, direct, flexible connections to a wide range of cloud service providers.

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